Below are some questions about birth photography that I get asked often. If you do not see the answer to your questions here, please click the contact link above and ask. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.


Q: Are you able to photograph the birth without taking graphic or revealing photos?

A: Absolutely. Birth photography is about capturing the bonding and connection as you become a new family. During our consultation I will go over your preferences with you. If you would like your story told in a more discreet way, I am happy to do so. If you are undecided, I can take more detailed photos. Then you can decide later in your private online gallery if you would like to keep them.

Q: There is one shot I really want. Can you guarantee that I will get it?

A: The fantastic thing about birth is that it is unpredictable. I am very good at finding higher ground and different angles to shoot from, but where you birth and the position of your health care provider and their team may make the shot difficult. I will try my very best to get those most important moments to you. 

Q: What if you get sick or can't make it to the birth?

A: I rarely get sick. However if something unforeseen were to happen, I have two very experienced and talented birth photographer friends that are available to back me up. They would deliver your images to me. I would then hand edit them so you can still expect the same editing style you see on my website.

Q: What if I am having a home birth or birth center birth and I need to be transferred?

A: If you need to be transferred, then I will follow you to your backup birth location. Your transfer and your journey from there are part of your story. I will be with you every step of the way.

Q: What if I need to have a cesarean section?

A: If you would like images in the OR and the hospital policy allows for me to be in there, I will absolutely come with you and continue to take photos. If the hospital does not allow me in the OR, I can set my camera then hand it to your partner to take photos. In either instance, I will stay until you are out of surgery and will photograph the three of you then.

Q: What should I wear?

A: For Birth Photography we highly recommend a black bathing suit top, sports bra or something similar. That allows you to share your images however you'd like later. For Lifestyle, please where whatever expresses you! These are documentary images and should express who you are.

Q: How much is the deposit to reserve my space or book my session?

A: I ask for a 50% deposit which is applied to your total balance due. The remaining balance is due by 36 weeks gestation for Birth Photography and First 48 photography or 24 hours before all other photography sessions.

Q: How soon should I book my birth photography session?

A: Due to being on call, I only take a limited number of Birth Photography clients per month. Limiting the number of clients I have reduces the chances that I will be called to two births at once. For that reason, I recommend booking as soon as you are able.

Q: What if I go into labor and you are at another birth?

A: The same rule applies as mentioned above. On the rare chance that I am unable to photograph your birth I have other birth photographers in the area that I work with to ensure coverage for my clients. They would photograph your birth, then I would hand edit your images and deliver them to you as promised.

Q: What if I have a fast labor and you don't make it in time?

A: This is very rare and if it were to occur, I am en route and will be there moments after. In this case I will document everything from that point on. If a fast labor is your story, then walking in and taking photos right after helps to retell that. I will stay to take photos of your new family, the newborn exam and the herbal bath if you added it to your package. I never go back home. There is always something to document.

Q: When will I get my images?

A: The life of a Birth Photographer especially one who cares deeply about the quality of service and images you receive is an unpredictable one. Babies arrive at all hours and labor can be fast or slow. My clients' images are edited in the order they were taken and I do not rush this process. Often revisiting the images over a few days or even a week to ensure they are the best they can be. For Lifestyle Photography your images will be available in your online password protected gallery 2-4 weeks after your photo shoot. For Birth Photography please allow 4-6 weeks for your images to show up in your gallery.

Q: WHAT IF i LIKE TO LABOR IN a dimly lit room?

A: My high end camera equipment coupled with my training and experience, allows me to be fully capable of shooting in unique and low light situations. I will utilize the ambiant lighting available in the room throughout your labor. I also use a low powered flash bounced off of the wall to create the clean, crisp images that you see in many of my portfolio shots. The flash is especially used during the moment of delivery and immediately after. By waiting until active labor and using the flash intentionally, my clients and the birth team are undisturbed. Preserving your desired atmosphere, while capturing quality images is what I strive for!  

Q: WHAT kind of equipment do you use?

A: I have two Canon 5D MKIIIs. For lenses I carry a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II, Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro, and a Canon 24mm f/1.4L II. I also have two Canon Speedlite flashes and several back up batteries. I bring back up camera bodies, lens, flash, batteries and multiple sd cards to every single session.

Q: How did you get into birth photography?

A: I get asked this one a lot! My love of art had always been used for hard hitting news and documentary work. Then I did something that changed the way I see the world, life and people forever ... I had a baby! It was the most spiritual and miraculous day of my life. It even inspired me to become a childbirth instructor! (Yes, I do that too!) The only problem? I only had two photos to show from it all.

Nearly two years later baby #2 was on her way. My husband was ready, willing and able with the camera and even video camera! Well, baby had other plans. She arrived so fast and on her terms that the camera never left the bag.

Nearly two years after that baby #3 was going to be the one that we got on camera! Right? Nope. My husband put the video camera on the tripod and had his camera in hand. I left the birthing tub thinking there was plenty of time. I was so wrong. He put is camera down to help me walk to the bathroom (where the video camera wasn't) and she decided that was the moment to be born!

All three of my births were phenomenal. The best days of my life. My only regret is that I do not have their birth story captured. I can't share those images with them year after year. I am not able to show them what their day looked like when it comes time for them to have their babies. I can never get those moments back. It was a one shot deal and we missed it. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. If I couldn't have it, then I'm going to make sure that everyone else had the opportunity to. I truly go above and beyond for my clients because I want them to have what I wish I had ... their birth story.