the experience & the memories

My clients are the reason I love what I do. Their journey and goals inspire me and bring joy and uniqueness to each image I capture. Most of them stay in touch and update me on how their family is doing and growing. When they welcome me back to capture their next journey or milestone, I get so excited to be a part of their story again! I know how busy they all are with new babies and growing families, so when they take the time to let me know how I did, I feel so grateful and my love for what I do grows even more! Here are a few of the wonderful things they have written:


"Sarah is all around amazing!  Not only is she a fabulous birth photographer, but she provided birth support at crucial moments when when we needed to make decisions that helped totally change our outcome.  At first we were really hesitant to get a birth photographer because we wanted it to be a totally intimate experience - super raw and we didn't want to feel "on" all the time.  When I looked back at all of our pictures - I was amazed how I didn't even remember photos being taken.  Sarah is so good at what she does you don't even realize pictures are being taken to document your birth story.  Not only that, her nurturing energy made me feel so comfortable.  We feel beyond blessed to have her be part of our birth team.  My family and I just love her and felt like she was part of the family.  If you are on the fence about birth photography, our little family strongly suggests that you do the complimentary meet and greet with Sarah.  You will love her vibe and be totally happy you did.  We hope that she will be part of our birth team again should we be blessed to have another birth story to tell in the future.  Thank you Sarah from all of us!" — Jamie F.

"Sarah is an incredible photographer and person. During our 36 hour labor in the hospital, she was present every moment, while still giving us space to breathe. We could not have made it through without her reassuring presence. We are in LOVE with all the images in our gallery. They tell the story of our birth so perfectly, I know they are something we will treasure forever." — Elaina S.

"Sarah created a wonderful environment for our baby and captured the sweetest photos. Sarah was very responsive in setting up our photo shoot and responded quickly to all of my inquiries to prepare for the photos.  We arrived at the studio with a very alert baby and Sarah was amazing at calming him and getting him to sleep deeply and she was so patient (she's  quite the baby whisperer).  Sarah created a very comfortable environment for our son and he was very relaxed through the whole session, even when he was wide awake.  Once our son was asleep, she worked very quickly to get such darling shots which we will treasure forever." — Roxy N.

"Working with Sarah as a midwife was a blast. You don't always find wonderful birth/home birth photographers that just truly know how to be a fly on the wall but capture a once in a life time memory. Her presence is filled with warmth, love, grace, kindness, and patience. She is a true asset to any birth team. She is respectful to all that are in the room and she goes the extra mile. She even helped me with my bags! She doesn't just come for the pushing but truly is there for it all! She was lovely to work with. She continued to check in with me to see how my client was feeling and doing. Her priority is her work and she rearranged her schedule for this "longer" birth. She waited until hours after the baby was born. I was grateful and blessed to see her work and know her now as a genuine person. I look forward to working with her in the future! You've found your birth photographer no need to venture or continue to search any where else! Thank you Sarah!"  — Miracle of Life Midwifery